Having grown up in the retail environment, Mike wasn't quite sure the jewelry industry was for him... until he sat down with veteran jeweler and storyteller Harold Cagle. Sure enough Mike found his niche at the bench as an apprentice to "H" (as Harold is affectionately called at Lauderhills). Now, years later, it's Mike who is calling the shots in the shop, and his talent and ingenuity speaks volumes.


Although there are some occasions when a job is sent out of the store for specialty work, the majority of our repair and custom work is done in-house. What does this mean for you? Well, for starters, it means a much faster turnaround time, not to mention a significant saving to your repair cost. Don't forget, you can also get to know the man who is working on your treasured pieces.

New and Updated Jewelry Appraisals


New Appraisals & Updates

Whether you would like an appraisal for a newly acquired piece of jewelry or need an old appraisal updated to reflect current market prices, having an accurate valuation done on your jewelry is a critical part of jewelry maintenance, especially for insurance purposes. Lauderhills employs three graduate gemologists, and works with two different certified appraisers. Click below to find the next available appointment to get your pieces appraised.

Appraisal Fees

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, particularly where time-intensive pieces are involved (think charm bracelets), most items follow the fee schedule below:



Updates on pieces previously appraised by Lauderhills  $35

Please note: Update appraisal price only applies to appraisals done after January of 2000. Additionally, the client must provide the old appraisal to get the reduced rate.

APPRAISALS WHILE YOU WAIT start at $150 per item

Sell Your Gold For Money at Lauderhills, Sandy Springs



So, we all have a little pile of single earrings, broken chains and dented bangles. You know you can't just throw them away, but the cost of repair or replacement simply doesn't make sense for certain jewelry items. Instead of pushing that pile around that junk drawer one more time, why not throw all of your scraps and outdated jewelry in a zippy bag and bring it to Lauderhills? We can sort your metals, weigh it up, and give you a price based on the current market price of gold, platinum, and silver. Yes, we buy silver too. The best part is, once you get your quote, you still have a choice on whether to sell it or not. No pressure. No obligation. Just quality information for making a good decision.

Pearl Stringing

Restringing with individual knots

Traditionally, pearls are strung with knots nestled between each pearl. This method not only helps the pearls lay better against the body, but also adds a bit of insurance, should the cord break. 

Fee per Inch with individual knots $3.50

This fee includes cleaning pearls.


Wire Wrapping & Stringing on wire also available



Spessartite Garnet and Diamond Ring



Life in the jewelry industry is fun and full of color. Take a "behind the scenes" look at what the gem world is like, and learn about what makes the world sparkle in the process.