Estate Collection

Everyone loves a good story, and what better way to carry around a piece of history than with a beautiful bauble from years gone by. Who wore it? What was the special occasion for which the piece was commissioned in the first place? History is ever-changing and making a selection from our estate collection means you get to carry a piece of the past with you into your future.

Antique Tri-color Locket


Who was held close to the heart in this locket almost 150 years ago, when it was worn by a very successful female milliner as she was making her mark on the New York fashion scene?

Aquarmarine and Diamond Convertible Brooch/Pendant

Aquamarine and diamond pin

Once upon a time, in an era of glitz and glamour, a certain sophisticated lady wore this elegant 16.71 ct aquamarine and diamond piece... sometimes as a brooch... and sometimes as a pendant. Let me try.

Estate Gold and Turquoise Watch FOB

turquoise and gold watch fob

Watch FOBs are making a comeback in a big way these days, and this turquoise and gold FOB shows us exactly why. The craftsmanship on the engraving alone is delicious.

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Turquoise Ring, Pendant, and Earring Suite

Turquoise Ring, Pendant, and Earring Suite

Two-toned Vintage Leaf Earrings

Two-toned Vintage Leaf Earrings