Custom Design

Ever look through your jewelry box and think, "What was Aunt Myrtle thinking when she purchased that atrocity?"  They say you can't pick your relatives, and it turns out you can't pick their jewelry either.  Instead of pushing around that diamond cluster ring, bring it into Lauderhills and custom design something that finally feels like you.

Papa'S GOld Buttons

Years ago, our client Trish acquired her grandfather's bespoke wool blazer from England. To Trish, the piece wasn't just a beautifully made coat that could be worn by men and women alike, but instead, it was her "Papa's" signature garment. When she wore it, a part of her grandfather was alive and with her again.

Flash forward a decade to a conversation Trish was having with her mother over a coffee at the breakfast table. "You know those buttons are real gold," her mother informed her. Actually, she did not know. Immediately, Trish swapped out the gold buttons for some less expensive ones and brought her treasured gold ones into Lauderhills to see what we could cook up with them. After a little thought and sketching, Geneva designed the perfect bracelet to honor Trish's Papa, and she has been wearing the keepsake ever since.

Trish's Custom Button Bracelet

Trish's Custom Button Bracelet

The Experience

Gather together your treasures, your gold scraps, and your imagination and make an appointment to create something new. Jewelry is meant to be worn and loved. If what you have in your jewelry box doesn't reflect your tastes, let Lauderhills make you something that oozes your own personal style. 

After we get an idea of what you are looking for, we can sketch your custom design and even get a wax carved, if necessary.

A Mother's journey

Meet Christine, mother of four. Not wanting the typical mother's birthstone ring, she decided to have a pendant drop custom made to commemorate the birthdays of her little ones. With two garnets, a diamond, and a pink tourmaline, our in-house custom shop got to work designing a necklace that would not only represent Christine's children, but also Christine herself.

... and even though those four little ones are not so little anymore, Christine will have the memory of creating a piece that will last a lifetime.

Custom Designed Mother's Birthstone Pendant

Custom Designed Mother's Birthstone Pendant

Bring us your well-loved, beaten, and battered jewels and we will breathe new life into them

Custom Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

The Inheritance

Seldom a year goes by when we don't hear at least a few dramatic stories about family feuds that began over the settlement of an estate. What is not as common, but infinitely more exciting, are the stories of siblings coming together when a parent dies and doing what's best for the "family" despite what the written words of the will say.

That was the case with this ring, when two sisters were willed their mother's jewelry. For many families, the sisters would have just worked out who would wear what when, but that plan did not include their brother. Instead, the sisters decided to sell the diamond and give the money to their brother, so that he was not left out.

After all, the diamond was purchased in love years ago, and a lifetime later, that beautiful diamond was lucky enough to be sold in love as well.

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